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Grupa Familijna is an innovative Polish manufacturer with an international reach

Grupa Familijna is a very dynamic manufacturer, distinguished by its diverse range of services. Our company is involved in various areas, providing customers with unique experiences and high-quality products. We supply baked goods and confectionery as well as food and drink products. Below are some of the key features of our business:

Familijna retail brand: we are the manufacturer of the highly regarded Piekarnia and Cukiernia Familijna brands. Our products are supplied both to retail networks and directly to individual recipients, and we always maintain the highest quality standards.

International deliveries of Private Brands: Grupa Familijna is a leader among international suppliers of private brands. Our products, which undergo a deep-freezing process, ensure lasting freshness, which makes us a trusted partner for customers all over the world.

Familijna – A network of company-owned shops: Familijna is our unique contribution to the retail landscape. Our network of more than 40 company-owned shops are not just points of sale, but genuine food service establishments. We take inspiration from the tradition of bakery shops and offer fresh baked goods, sweet and salty snacks and sandwiches, all prepared on the spot.

Customer-centricity: Our priority is customer satisfaction. We focus on openness to market needs, flexibility and high quality service to guarantee our customers a comprehensive and satisfying partnership. As we run our own network, and serve a variety of customers on the domestic and international markets, we know customers' needs.

Grupa Familijna is a dynamic partner, ready to deliver both products and, at the same time, value and innovation at every stage of our partnership.

Freshness at all times

In order to optimise bakery processes and to ensure the continuity of logistical delivery processes, we can deep-freeze a selected range of baked goods.

This solution means, above all, lower unit production costs, achieved by taking advantage of economies of scale and savings resulting from minimising the cost of unsold baked goods.

It also means a constant high quality of products, with parameters that do not differ from those of freshly baked goods.

Products to suit your needs

An experienced team of specialists and advanced machinery are the ideal space for creating new products that are in line with the sales trends of the region.

We take a customer-focused approach to our work, and our extensive experience allows us to respond precisely to these needs.

We believe that high quality products are the best advertisement for our baked goods.

We continuously develop our retail network and the network of company-owned shops.

Grupa Familijna is an excellent manufacturer as it supplies its products to large networks and retailers throughout Poland. We also operate a network of company-owned shops. Our shops can be found in more than 40 locations and are not only points of sale, but genuine food service establishments, offering fresh baked goods, sweets and sandwiches, prepared on the spot. This proximity to consumers results in a better understanding of their needs and the adaptation of our products to current market trends. By choosing Grupa Familijna, you not only get a supplier, but also a partner integrated with the market.

High quality guarantee

The quality and safety of the baked goods is ensured by the implemented and maintained Integrated Quality and Food Safety Management System. It has been built on the basis of identified processes and in accordance with the following requirements:

  • ON-EN ISO 22000: 2006 standard
  • IFS Food Standard, version 6
  • HACCAP system
  • ORKLA standard

In harmony with nature
straight from the Barycz Valley

The heart of Grupa Familijna beats in the village of Kuźnica Czeszycka, in the Barycz Valley Landscape Park. The location of the company has always been of great importance to us.

We make our products in harmony with the surrounding nature and with respect for the local community.

We are proud of consumer recognition

The quality of Grupa Familijna products is confirmed by numerous awards in business and consumer competitions. We are honoured to be in a prestigious group of entrepreneurs who build the Polish economy and support the local community with passion and commitment.

We are a reliable and trustworthy partner

We started 30 years ago as a small family business. Thanks to our commitment and the passion we put into our work, today we employ over 600 people and we are constantly growing, while our products find their way not only to the tables of our Customers in Poland and abroad. We put a lot of heart into what we do every day. This allows us to create products of the highest quality. We are constantly adding new customers. We continually ensure the highest standards in our production.

We want what we offer our customers to meet their expectations at every step. We are most proud of the fact that they return to us every day for their favourite products.

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