The history of our company

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1991 - 19 November

Familijna started its operations in 1991, when Elżbieta and Witold Kowalczyk opened a local bakery in the small village of Kuźnica Czeszycka. Familijna has a team of five employees and continues to grow thanks to new customers.

1997 - 1 July

Familijna is not just a bakery. After just a few years, the company gains the nickname of bakery – confectionery, introducing a confectionery range that delights the palates of consumers. Grupa Familijna's product range becomes innovative on the market through the introduction of a line of rye breads with additives.

2006 - 7 May

Familijna has established its position on the Milicz market. It is well known and liked by all, above all for the highest quality of its products and exemplary care for the customer. In response to the growing demand for a unique place to meet with the family, the first café in the centre of Milicz is established. It becomes a favourite place for local residents. Over the following years, the place has been modernised several times, and the largest reconstruction according to the new Grupa Familijna concept took place in 2021.

2014 - 2 August

Listening to the needs of our customers, we continue to develop the Familijna brand with new products or previously unavailable sales markets. For this purpose, we are opening the first company retail outlet, designed in a modern format, allowing fresh bread to be baked on the spot in specially designed ovens with a stone slab, fresh sandwiches to be prepared on the spot, or serving aromatic coffee to take away. The new outlet in Wrocław, on Poleska Street, begins a series of grand openings of the Familijna network of company-owned outlets.


Following the great success of the fresh, made-on-the-spot sandwiches, Familijna's network of company outlets changes to: Grupa Familijna, we implement food and drink production to wholesale markets.

2020 - 1 September

Over the years Familijna has, with its well-known courage and persistence, rapidly developed its business. The entire team has contributed to the fact that for 30 years it has been consolidating its position on the market as a brand with high-quality products. The brand’s recognition is growing and our products are on the shelves in more than a third of the country. All of this has been possible thanks to the challenges that Familijna is taking on, which confirm that good change brings amazing results. Exactly on its 29th anniversary of Piekarnia Familijna, it becomes part of the Grupa Familijna, and its leading brand. Grupa Familijna, stronger thanks to the young generation of owners, starts a new chapter in expanding the current brands and creating new ones.

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