Grupa Familijna
is a reliable business partner

From the very beginning, we have been guided by the values that are important to our customers.

Quality of baked goods, respect for baking traditions and teamwork – these are the foundations of our work, which translate into the taste of our products and customer satisfaction.

High quality of our products also means reliable sales service, starting with automated order picking, through efficient logistics and transport, as well as a professional approach when communicating with customers.

Why is it worth doing business with us?

Tradition and quality
Fair partnership
Modern production lines
Advanced route logistics
Modern distribution
Professional customer service

Experience and knowledge

Grupa Familijna is a company with over 30 years of experience in the industry, with an extraordinary passion for baking.

The company continues to develop unstoppably and keeps implementing new technologies.

Rapid development
over the years

For 30 years, we have been consolidating our position on the market as a brand with high-quality products.

Our recognition is growing and our products are on the shelves in more than a third of the country. Such dynamic growth is made possible by the skilful combination of baking traditions and modern technological solutions.

We bake from scratch

We bake our bread from scratch using natural wheat-rye leaven based on our own formula. The sourdough starter is prepared from scratch in our own sourdough plant using only water and flour.

Leavened bread is a specific type of bread that is made through a natural fermentation process involving the right bacteria and wild yeast.

The entire process takes place from scratch in our bakery, where we control every step of the dough ripening and baking process.

Innovative automation: efficient order processing and security

The daily processing of thousands of customer orders is a complex logistical operation made possible by an advanced automation system for product picking. Our state-of-the-art operating system and efficient warehouse operations enable the efficient processing of even the largest orders.

As one of the first bakeries in Poland, Familijna introduced an automated system for washing and disinfecting bakery baskets. This innovative system not only reduces product cycle times, but also strengthens our food safety system.

Thanks to the automated basket washing and drying system and our advanced approach to logistics, we can meet our customers' high service standards, offering efficient and safe delivery of products. This is another step towards optimising our production processes and improving the quality of our products.

Deep-frozen products

In order to optimise bakery processes and to ensure the continuity of logistical delivery processes, we can deep-freeze a selected range of baked goods.

This solution means, above all, lower unit production costs, achieved by taking advantage of economies of scale and savings resulting from minimising the cost of unsold baked goods.

It also means a constant high quality of products, with parameters that do not differ from those of freshly baked goods.

International sales reach

See why it is worth
doing business with Grupa Familijna

  • We have a broad product range

    Starting from a highly diversified range of everyday bread, which are an ideal foundation for a tasty start to the day, through bread with additives to confectionery and bespoke products.

  • Fast delivery

    Thanks to our team, we can proudly boast of the speed with which we process orders. We know exactly how important time is in our business.

  • Possibility of creating a customised product

    We like our products to fully meet consumers' tastes. Even the most demanding ones.

  • High food safety standards

    We attach great importance to quality. That is why we make sure that our products are safe for our customers and meet all standards, and above all the expectations of our consumers, as they are the most important for us.

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